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Helping you enjoy the benefits of ductless A/C

When you want efficient air conditioning products and services at competitive prices, turn to Bay Area Climate Control, a local HVAC company in Hayward, CA. You may not be an expert on ductless A/C, but we are. We work with you to choose the ductless air conditioner that works best for your space. Our HVAC technicians provide installation of both outdoor and indoor A/C equipment required for smooth operations. 

What is a ductless mini split A/C system?

It’s ductless because it’s a heating and cooling system that requires no duct work; it’s a split system because there are separate indoor and outdoor units; and it’s mini because the units are smaller than a typical central air system. 

Benefits of a ductless mini-split A/C system?

Comfort — You have the option to zone different rooms for temperature

Energy Savings — Ductless A/C results in energy savings of up to 30%

Cleaner Air — Your family breathes air that has been filtered multiple times

Quiet — This type of A/C is designed to operate quietly and efficiently

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